We Opened

We opened the heart:
entwined roads and streets,
tunneled through the tunnels,
massaged the chambers,
blew into the pipes
and watched it expand
and relax.

We opened the lungs:
sang into the cavities,
let our voices echo,
felt them wheeze and whimper,
stretch as every breath
pushed them out then
pushed themselves out.

We opened the stomach:
played tug of war with intestines,
wrapped them round our fingers,
fiddled with bagpipe mass,
cleaned our nails with the acid,
nourished ourselves on
yesterday’s digested remains.

And then we opened the skull:
watched the neurons skitter,
the veins throb with thought,
the invisible bubbles fill
with ideas, the halves hearing
each other, like two best friends
from different worlds joined
by the evolution of the mind.

[You can watch the music video here.]

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels


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