Issue 1:
Winter/Spring 2022

Our first print issue includes:

Fiction by Arya F. Jenkins, Michael Davis, Devin Jacobsen, Ginny Hogan, Remington Write, Moazzam Sheikh, Bill Littlefield, Robert Cormack, W. Jack Savage, F. R. Foksal, Elizabeth Fletcher, and Rob Swigart.

Poetry by M. L. Brown, Laurel Blossom, Michael Simms, José Pedro Leite, F. R. Foksal, Rana Bitar, Aileen Cassinetto.

Nonfiction by Mary L. Mullen, Zoe Kurland, Thomas Larson, Moazzam Sheikh

Translations of the works of Nizar Qabbani as well as Charles Baudelaire.

An interview with Michael Simms of Autumn House Press.

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Sneak Peek:

Dark Side of the Moon

By Arya F. Jenkins

“What they also share in common is a certain filial devotion, a trait of their class, inherited, like something in the blood, that will keep her from ever being disloyal.”

The Ashes of the Trumpocene

By Michael Davis

“Someone, they said, was about to get replaced, get the ax, get tossed back into the great dark abyss of Covid unemployment.”

A Door of a Different Color

By Ginny Hogan

“He had no kids. Therefore, he felt his life had no meaning. Same as when you have kids.”

Standing in Lines

By Nizar Qabbani

A poem translated by Rana Bitar and Robert Bensen.

The Problem with American Fiction, Part I

By Moazzam Sheikh

“It all started with reading George Saunders’ very well-written story The Semplica-Girl Diaries.”

Interview: Michael Simms
– Autumn House Press

“Poetry is more than everyday speech. It is everyday speech that has something special or amazing about it, something that makes us think, wonder, or marvel.”

What’s Inside:

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