The Pyramid

Imagine for a second, reality as organic matter driven by chaos and meaninglessness. Above this messy landscape sits an invisible giant pyramid-shaped structure. Inside the pyramid, everything you see makes almost perfect sense. Massive cities with an incredible amount of buildings and people frozen in time as if a photograph before they begin to move in never-ending transit via infinite roads. Everyone seeking the ideal dreamy rural town experience, with lakes and nearby forests — leaving the industrial cities behind gearing into our darkest hour.

This unseen object is shaped like a pyramid because its system is hierarchical in nature. Within its walls, cruelty disguises itself as intelligence. Posh people with access to high-quality education torturing the ignorant with undecipherable statistics. A society impregnated with humans becoming members of society through inheritance. Whoever is on top gets to decide what happens inside the pyramid affecting the livelihoods of everyone else. A perfect superstructure that was designed to protect the few with the efforts of entire populations.

The pyramid is an artificial world ruled by ideologies that lead nowhere beyond their context. These ideologies are invented to corrupt the noble and favour the wicked. If we remove ideology from our lives, we would stumble across a metaphorical landscape dressed in rocks and sea. We would feel physically limited, stuck in our living rooms wondering about our roles in this place because when our truth turns into meaninglessness, we can only face an undeniable reality. We are trapped inside the pyramid. It is a dead-end.

We roam the roads of the pyramid hoping to find that thing that gives purpose to our lives. It could be anything really, a sandwich or a house with a garden. We search for the impossible because we live in the impossible. We are impossible. Everything around us just fucking happened. We resort to fantasy to explain this unbelievable phenomenon either through science or religion. We know stuff and that somehow translates into more stuff and we continue our insatiable quest for meaning to get closer to some kind of superior wisdom. Why am I here? Does it matter?

We constructed a place to dream and to jump across any physical boundary. The pyramid gave us tools and knowledge. It gave us the ability to separate ourselves from Earth so we can explore other regions of the universe. Although even when astronauts are physically out exploring space, yet somehow, they are still inside the pyramid.

The pyramid is forever.


Let’s think for a second that the hard question about consciousness started when the philosophers began to ask questions about the nature of our individual inner minds. We know that we got where we are now after an evolutionary string of incidents one after another until we acquired what we believe as consciousness. However, consciousness without the pyramid is just a device for us to navigate through matter. Therefore, consciousness can only exist within the perimeters of the pyramid. Without the pyramid we are obsolete.


When it comes to culture, perhaps our greatest tool is the imagination and our greatest creation was the pyramid. We have created the means to coexist, trade, communicate, associate ideas, formulate theories on every possible aspect of our existence. Culture is an invisible umbilical cord that connects our present thoughts to history and beyond.


Our second greatest creation was Time (space that moves through dimension). We designed a technology inside the pyramid with a perfect mechanism allowing us to control the way we interact with the environment. Time is order hidden behind the illusion of chaos. It serves us with a now and an after dictating our everyday actions. Time tells us when to eat, get up from bed, it influences our choices and even helps us decide when we are too old for certain things in life. Time is a real son of a bitch.


Ironically, the pyramid was inspired by nature, but it is not compatible with any living organism. The pyramid is an artificial system designed to fund and perpetuate a perfect experiment — to feed our need to expand beyond any horizon. We want Earth to be limitless and for this reason, we invented space travel among all else. We are desperate to understand the impossible.

How did the pyramid get us?

What is keeping us inside though? How did the pyramid get us in the first place? Was it, fear? What if we disconnected from it? Outside the pyramid, the world is an oscillating torrent of matter. Confronting this ultimate truth could redirect our perspectives and lead us to a new level of meaninglessness. Could we adapt and learn to live without the pyramid, without being conscious of time and in perfect harmony with the environment outside?

Do we really need to be enslaved by an oppressing artificial system? Inside the pyramid, we are just users, numbers, we are in its purest essence, its most valuable resources. All in favor to develop the pyramid further, to strengthen its walls, to make it more labyrinthine so we never get to find the way out.

What is the worst thing that could happen if we were to leave the pyramid?

What stopped us from stepping out of the pyramid in the past? It has been our protective shield throughout history. Maybe back then we needed it to survive from being eaten alive by other beasts. Today most of us in Western society feel extremely privileged thanks to the pyramid.

We accept the pyramid.

We want to change our thought pattern by consciously thinking about a new approach. Then we resort to repeated self-loathing, constantly beating ourselves up. However, any solution that stems from our emotional infrastructure is wrong because it really comes from the pyramid. At times, we show a bit of rebellion, we complain, we try to be truthful to our instincts. However, most times, we rather suffer quietly. Humanity is going through one hell of a midlife crisis. We are safe living inside a cool awesome pyramid. I wonder if we’ll manage to get out one day, to finally take ownership and responsibility for Mother Earth.

Photo by Julien Moreau on Unsplash


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By Salvatore Difalco



By Salvatore Difalco