Sid and Nancy

Sid is not gonna take it anymore. Big ugly up ther chmmnnngd wrrrrrmngt Sid’s Nancy. Big ugly gone suck up all the Grate Well.

Grate Well of Kkkrrrrrngpt run peeeeeee little now. Gift from the Grate Amighty RRKKKKKKPPT to prhrrrrrggg. Old tell it. 

Sid chase off ugly beating ther mrrrrrngt goode with his hhhrrrrgt. Sid come up behind ugly when they glissltg. Jam grrrrgt in ther pkrrrhught bust out ther pggggrt. One small fell rite out then other small ones jaspppdtd ther pwgg. Don’t come no more now show up ther ugly jrrrrink. 

Old tell it bout the time before the Grate Well. Old tell that Grate Amighty show mad now see what the prhrrrrrggg do. Old tell it that Grate Amighty don’t come no more now. Old tell it that when Grate Well run dry all prhrrrrrggg will dye.

Big one hanging there with monglulffll in the frnkkkkk sucking it all up big ugly frettttle up his pretty Nancy. Sid come behind big ugly show big one his krgggggt jam it in ugly jam in the pkrrrhught jam big ugly jam it jam jam shhhhhrgggggggggggt.

Jill looked out over the hummingbirds. Such sweet little things. Time to refill the feeder.

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels


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