Rhapsodies of Seduction

I. Think Of Me

Think of me
Pull my face from behind
the clock’s ticks and tocks. Look
—in the blackness of my eyes—
for a pillow to rest and drowse 

Hear my voice, converse with my waves
Climb the crests. Plunge
into the troughs, then sail
along the borders of my lips. Rustle
with my tumultuous breeze
And when you tire,
land on the banks of desire
and drown in a deep sleep. Dream of me

II. Dream Of Me

Whisper my shape to your pillow. Sigh
 –in the silence of your space—
my figure
Dream of me. Recite
the strands of my hair. Detangle
their spell of maze. Retrieve
—in the hollow of your nostrils—
my scent. Conjure
—between your lips and tongue—
my tang. Come to me

III. Come To Me

on a float of desire
Blow the wind’s whistle. Wake
my ruins from an exile
Seep underneath the shroud
Breathe into it. Turn
the cemetery of the skin into
a festive ground

Come to me on wings of trembles
Flap around. Land my ground. Convulse
this heart into crumbles
Trickle beneath the desert. Disperse
the stillness of dust. Sprout
from the monastery of the lips—
a scandal of lust

Photo by Angela Roma from Pexels


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