Plan(t)ets Undying
Through the desert
a nomad walks a faint glint of madness
sparks his eye
the ghost of water glitters

on the horizon

He carries hope ahead
(echo through the sand to times beyond)
and despair behind only now
does he realize how the mind
journeys forth
how the cacti,
greet him warmly

No other being
can exist here
except sacred
cacti, tall and noble, unwavering

In excess they stand behind him
a forest
in barren land

hand in hand with his friends

The majestic spirits call his name
he answers with prayer
prayer to those in his life he loves
and prayer to the plants

A man alone on a spirit quest
he finds only questions to answers
until there are no more questions left
He is a mountain among the flat lands
strong at heart
full of wonder and optimism
holding onto a cactus

onto a friend

Photo by Jose Aragones from Pexels


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