Not tare
as in
a deflated blimp
but the sum

of your self berm,
more or less; yes!
Much like the sips
to tangled speech,

singly harmless
like a small-toe thingamabob,
too much like pumice

to pass
the naming threshold.
Jointly, a devastating kick
whole enough

for a second round of naming,
a name badge like skin,

& unmistakable
in a stationery
as well as

skinny-dipping tourists;

here! Here! Mere skin
no longer; from skin
to someone

comfortable in their own
name; nibyo!

Not vibrating hide,
one drummer boy
is enough of an orchestra;

skol! No more
Rorschach tests made of
whilom wildlife; salut!

Photo by Shotlist on Unsplash


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